Class Reunions

Notes of Class Reunions and pictures where available.

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Reunion, Class of 1946


class of 1953

Class of 1953

Standing L to R:   Marilyn (Weaver) Claussen, Kay (Rhoades) Lingner, Marilyn (Correy-Friel) Church, Marilyn (Radebaugh) Bordenaro, Claudette (Roberts) Fry, Valerie (Heater) Ogren
Seated: L to R : Bobby Heater, Donald Hiddleson, Keith Riley


The Rippey High School Class of 1953 held a reunion on May 23 to honor their 55th year since graduation.
Class members gathered at the Perry Elk's Club on Friday evening for supper and visiting.   Two class members are deceased, LaRie Munson and Elwin Thornburgh.  Eight class members were unable to attend: Marilyn (Burk) Hagemeyer, Marjorie (Kiner) Comer, Joan (Nation) Evangelou, Marjorie (Morse) Gude, Albert Lankenau, Robert Monthei, Tom Peterson, and Beverly (Moore) Null.    Class members and spouses enjoying the reunion were; Marilyn (Radebaugh)Bordenaro of Jefferson; Marilyn (Weaver) and Ron Claussen of Spirit Lake; Bobby and Marilyn Heater of Rippey; Marilyn (Correy-Friel)Church of Des Moines; Keith and Hildy Riley of Rippey; Don and Norma Hiddleson of Perry; Valerie (Heater)and Duane Ogren of Jefferson;  Kay (Rhoades) Lingner of Grand Junction;  Claudette (Roberts) Fry and Paul Baker of Santa Ana, CA.   Following supper at the Elk's Club the group continued the evening of visiting at the home of Don and Norma Hiddleson.  All of the group except Bobby and Marilyn Heater attended the Saturday evening  Rippey High School reunion and most of the class had breakfast together in Jefferson at the Uptown Cafe. 

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Reunion Class of 1956



Class of 1958

L to R:   Larry Johnson, Verdina (Odin)Hastings, Gary Anschutz, Lloyd DeMoss, Mike Acton, Gail Monthei, Max Stevens, Velda (Derry) DeMoss, Jean (Young) Spradley, John Drake, Donna Woodley


The Rippey High School Class of 1958 were honored at the Rippey High School Alumni Party as the 50 year class.    The Class held a reunion on Friday evening at CloverRidge Convention Center at Panora.  Eleven of the thirteen living members of the class were able to attend the Friday night gathering and ten members attended the Saturday evening reunion.   Those attending were: Larry and Darlene Johnson of Story City, Verdina(Odin) and Chuck Hastings of Perry and Jefferson; Gary and Joyce Anschutz of Jefferson, Lloyd and Helen DeMoss of Arcadia; Mike Acton of Iowa City; Gail and Carolyn Monthei of Rippey; Max and Jean Stevens of Horseshoe Bay, TX;  Velda  (Derry)DeMoss of Rippey; Donna Woodley of Grand Junction; Jean (Young) Spradley of Paso Robles, CA. and John and Sally Drake of Lady Lake, FL.   All of the group except Mike Acton attended the Saturday evening RIppey High School Reunion.     Two class members were unable to attend: Dick Heater of Sacremento, CA.  and Sandra (Joy) Luffsey of Colonial Heights, VA.
Deceased members of the class are: Janice Radebaugh, Bill Fouch, Jerry Young, Kenneth Kopaska, LeRoy Armstrong, Glenda (Lape) Swaink.  The class also considered the late Gary Kelleher to be a classmate as he went through school at Rippey until his senior year when school re-districting placed him another school district and he graduated from Ogden. 
The Class of 1958 had invited the Classes of 1959 and 1957 as well as other friends and relatives to join the Friday evening group.    A total of 33 were present for supper and visiting.    The other guests included: Mary Ann (Young) and Paul Miller of Perry; Linda Young of Chicago; Janice Squires of Humboldt; Sheila (DeMoss) and Ralph Burdett of Pearland, TX.; Dr. and Mrs. John Bardole of Des Moines; Bill and Jackie Souder of Jefferson; Jean Borgeson, Dan and Ferleen Acton, and Phil and Toni Roberts all of Rippey.


Front Row: L to R: Judy (Monthei) Wills, David Hiddleson, Mary Ann (Young) Miller, Sally (Burk)Drake, Julie (High) McAllister, John Bardole.Back Row: L To R: Larry Munson, Lynn Wilson, Jim Smith, Dan Acton, Ted Bass, Jerry Groves, Jay Bardole.

Reunion, Class of 1959

The Rippey High School Class of 1959 held a reunion to celebrate being the 50 year class at Rippey High School.  They met at the Panorama Convention Center near Panora on Friday, May, 22 for supper and visiting.   Eleven classmates attended and were joined by former classmates, David Hiddleson and his wife, Jean and Ted Bass.  Other in addition to the class and spouses were Jean Borgeson, Linda Young, Sharon McBlain, Gail and Carolyn Monthei,  and Velda DeMoss.   The members of the class of 1959 attending were; Jay and Ellen Bardole of Vincennes, Ind.; Mary Ann (Young) and Paul Miller of Perry;  Dr. John and Dena Bardole of Des Moines; Julie (High) McAllister, St. Louis, MO; Sally (Burk) and John Drake, Lady Lake, FL.; Lynn and Barb Wilson, Stillwater, MN.; Dan and Fereleen Acton, Rippey; Larry Munson, Des Moines; Judy (Monthei) and Clair Wills, Jefferson; Jerry and Linda Groves, Rippey; and Jim Smith, Jefferson.   Two other class members, Sheila (Rhoades)and Russ Sjeklocha of Curtis, NE; and Dean and Rozetta Fiscus of Adel joined their classmates on Saturday night at the Rippey High School Alumni Party. 
Four members of the class are deceased; Ralph Borgeson, Ronnie Hastie, Kenny Tallman, and Jim Ridnour. Four other classmates did not attend; Glen Henderson, Frank Carpenter, Dennis Smothers and Paul Moore.


1960 class
Members of the Rippey High School Class of 1960 pictured attended the annual Rippey High School Reunion on Saturday, May 29.   Pictured Left to Right: Roger Crumley of Cowen Heights, CA.; Don Drake of Franklinton, NC.; Emmet Gonder of Galesburg,IL.; Patricia (Carpenter) Cary of El Toro,CA.; Mary (Fry) Liebich of Rippey; and Sheila (DeMoss)Burdett of Pearland, TX.


The six pictured members of the Class of 1960  were joined by another classmate, Pauline(Barton) Moore of Perry on Friday evening as the class, spouses, classmates from the 1959 and 1962 classes, other friends and relatives enjoyed a reunion at the Hotel Pattee in Perry.   A group of forty gathered in Somas Court prior to the 6 pm dinner in the Hotel.  This was the first reunion of the class since their graduation from High School.   Following dinner each class member spoke briefly, relating their activities of the past 50 years.  Visiting was enjoyed throughout the evening as many of those attending had not seen each other since their graduation.  As invitations were extended to this class to attend the reunion, they became the first class for Rippey to be connected by email.  Prior to the reunion, flurries of emails were exchanged and made the planning of the evening easier.
Rippey High School Alumni Reunion
The Rippey High School Alumni Reunion was held on Saturday, May 29 at the Rippey United Methodist Church.   Earlier in the afternoon, an open house was held at the Rippey Library for graduates to tour the building, look at the Alumni Pictures, and visit with Township Clerk, Jean Borgeson.  
At 6 pm a supper was held at the Church with Kevin Hick and his committee serving meals to 112, serving  Italian Chicken, cheesy potatoes, corn, salad and pie.  Following supper the group went into the sanctuary for the meeting and program.  After the guests thanked the cooks, Mary Hick told of the projects that the supper has helped to support.   In the absence of President Larry Johnson, Secretary and Treasurer, Velda DeMoss conducted the meeting and program.   The Pledge to the Flag was given and the Class of 1960 was welcomed.  The Secretary and Treasurer's reports were given and there was no old or new business.  
Two families had three generations graduating from Rippey/East Greene High School; Dale Neese 1949; Alan Neese 1980; and Josh Neese 2010.  Also the family of Larry Anderson 1956; Lori Anderson Seeman 1983; and Jessica Seeman 2010. 
The trio of Brenda Roberts, Mary Hick and Jean Borgeson presented a musical selection, "May you Always Walk in Sunshine".
Sixty five graduates answered the roll call.  The oldest graduated attending was from the Class of 1937 Lillian (Piper) Wessling of Churdan. 
As the Class of 1960 were honored several facts were shared about what was happening in the world and the United States at that time.  The Class of 1960 had nine members that started and finished school together.   Four of the class went on to attended Simpson College, influenced by teacher, Pat Daugherty, a Simpson graduate.  The Class had eleven members, two are deceased, Donna (Farley) Doidge and John Minnihan.  Larry Gilroy of Casa Grande, AZ and Delbert Fiscus of Carroll were unable to attend.  Pauline (Barton)Moore could not attend on Saturday night but had joined classmates on Friday evening at the Hotel Pattee.  The six attended were: Roger Crumley, Don Drake, Emmet Gonder, Pat (Carpenter) Cary, Mary (Fry) Liebich and Sheila (DeMoss) Burdett.  A brief summary of their lives was given as certificates were presented. 
Roger Crumley gave the response for the class, sharing many of his memories of attending school and living in Rippey.
A collection was taken and thanks given to LaVere and Bev Derry and Jerald and Janet Fessler who registered guests and took the dinner reservations, and to Valerie Ogren and Jean Borgeson for their assistance with mailings and the alumni data base.  Those attending were reminded of church and Memorial Day activities during the weekend.   Next year the reunion will again be held the Saturday night before Memorial Day (May 28) when the Class of 1961 will be honored.   Guests were invited to remain for visiting and refreshments. 

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Class of 1961

Pictured at the Rippey High School alumni meeting is the Class of 1961.  Left to Right: Dick Schlicht, Keith Hiddleson, Janice (McCurdy) Schlicht, Marilyn (Barton) Stine, Barb (Overman) Yingling, Norman Devilbiss, Sharon(Bardole) McBlain, Roy Bardole and Phyllis (Heater) Bardole.
The class enjoyed a reunion on Friday evening prior the the School reunion on May 28.  The reunion was held at the D'Barn at Inspiration Gardens at rural Rippey, home of Dick of Janice Schlicht.   Twenty-eight classmates and friends enjoyed a BBQ meal served by Donna Paulson, and Marcia and Tom Jerde sisters and brother-in-law of Janice Schlicht.