Who are the friends of Rippey?

Any one who is interested in the town and making it a better place to live! This group had their first meeting April 22, 2001, with a few interested people. Since then we have added many people that have an interest in our little town and have started fund raisers and activities for the town and community!

 Velda DeMoss

The current officers are Mary Weaver-President,

 Mary Weaver

Dale Hanaman -Vice-President,


Mary Hick-Secretary,


and Sharon Ulrich-Treasurer.

The long term goal of the group is to have a community center in Rippey.

Some of the things the F.O.R. have done are:

The group has organized for 2 years a community cookout and entertainment "Celebrate Rippey" that was enjoyed by many! Projects have included: clearing cedar trees along Highway 144 near the Angus corner with the assistance of Boone, Dallas and Greene County 4-H clubs. The county conservationist was very supportive and helpful with this project.

The group was also instrumental in having a one man play at Rippey that talked about Henry Wallace. It was very well done and enjoyed by all in attendance. This summer the group sponsored a garden tour of some community's member with beautiful gardens. We hope next year to get planters with flowers in them on the streets of Rippey. Our current project is finished, big road signs that say "Rippey" on them.

The group is an inclusive group and anyone interested in helping with activities and fund raisers are very welcome. You may contact any of the officers if you want to be notified of upcoming activities.

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