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Genealogy with Jean


by Jean Borgeson

If you need help regarding Rippey genealogy, I would be glad to help. Send me a note!! My email is :

I have started transcribing the cemetery records from the old book onto a data base. I know that doesn't seem like a deed worthy of writing or talking about, but if you saw this book, you might think differently.

Clark Bardole told me about taking a box of information about who was buried in the cemetery and having a lady, who worked for him (I think) make some sort of order out of the names and where they were buried. Now, that was in the late 1920's and I'm sure she did the best she could with what information was available. I imagine, she had to ask the "old timers" who some of these people were and even how to spell their names. This is the book that has been used ever since. It is put together by blocks, and spaces. The pages are not numbered and there is no index. Also, the blocks in the cemetery are not all laid out the same, so unless you really study the big map and work with our wonderful gravedigger, Keith Hoskinson, it can really be confusing. The later addition is more orderly. I secretly wish I could have attended some of those earlier committee meetings as they added more blocks.

As I have typed in the names and dates, with the comments that are in the book, I have run across some names that have puzzled me. I'm sure this is because I have done some family tracing for people and am fascinated (obsessed) by how people are connected.

I have my favorite genealogy sites and I was browsing one evening, before I called it quits, and there, staring me in the face, was an inquiry about a family who was buried in Rippey. What made it more astounding was, I was on that very page in my transcribing and was trying to find out who this one person was, as I had part of the family on my computer, since it was the Derry family.

I, of course, contacted Velda, who really couldn't add any clues, but I did want her to know that someone was trying to find more information.

The name was Romancy Miller Tallman. After a little sleuthing, I found the answer. Nellie Derry, Velda's Great-Aunt, married Oben T. Garnant. They are buried in Rippey, along with Alfred Garnant, Oben's brother. So, who was Romancy?? As I dug a little deeper, I found others had traced the Tallman family and I found out that Oben's and Alfred's father and mother were Nathaniel Amon Garnant and Amy E. Tallman. Amy's parents were Benjamin and Romancy Miller Tallman. So, Romancy was Oben and Alfred's maternal grandmother.

Benjamin, B. Tallman

Romancy Miller


Amy E. Tallman - buried at Rippey

Amy married Nathaniel Amon Garnant - buried in Linn , Co.

Their children:

Maggie, E. Garnant m. Benjamin Thornbury

John T. Garnant

Clara A. Garnant

Oben T. Garnant m. Nellie Derry dau. of John Jacob Derry (thus the Derry connection)

Anon E. Garnant

Dollie R. Garnant m. Herbert West

Alfred E. Garnant - buried at Rippey

Why weren't Amy and Nathaniel buried together??? Somone in their families might know. Maybe they needed care at the same time and they had to be split up between kids. Transportation wasn't as easy, so maybe since part of the family was here, they thought it would be easier for her to be buried here.

Before my imagination takes over, I will stop. I shared the Rippey stuff with the gal that was asking for the information and she was thrilled. I know that feeling, because I have been able to connect with people tracing various lines on my own tree.

I have three blocks of the records completed. There are over 600 entrys. There are "only" nine more blocks, plus the north section, which will be easier, since that "committee" chose a simpler system.

All I can say, this keeps me out of trouble!!!