1882 Business Directory, Rippey Greene County, Iowa


Rippey, Greene Co., Iowa - 1882 Business Directory

Extracted from the 1882-1883 R. L. Polk "Iowa State Gazetteer and
Business Directory" by Amalea Anderson. Copyright 1998, Amalea Anderson.

    RIPPEY. Situated on the D. M. & Ft. D. R. R., in Greene county, 14 miles
southwest of Jefferson (c h), and 42 northwest of Des Moines. Shipments,
grain, produce and coal. Population 275. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U. Mail, daily.
A. J. Curries, postmaster.

Surname(s)                                                   Occupation or Business

Allen, A                                                        shoemaker
Armstrong Bros                                           coal miners
Bullock & Keller                                          general store and lumber
Carmody, Thomas                                      restaurant
Carpenter Bros                                           coal miners
Chambers, Joseph                                      saloon
Clark, G                                                        livery
Conoly & Hurlbut                                        saloon
Cook, R B                                                     barber
Cooper, A                                                     livery
Ellison,  B B                                                  general store
Ford,  J F                                                     live stock
Fowler, J P                                                   restaurant
Frigelle  E L                                                  carpenter
Frizel,  E B                                                    wagonmaker
Hall, Rev J M                                               (Meth Episcopal)
Harmon Bros                                                 blacksmiths
Johnson, D E                                                 saloon
Keeler & Son                                                general store
Keystone Coal Co                                         coal miners
Law , W M                                                    justice of the peace
Law & Johnson                                              hardware
Lewis, W R                                                    physician
Main, J W                                                      carpenter
Mecum, H L                                                  constable and livery
Mower, M P                                                  physician
Norton, O W                                                 grain
Oakes, J C                                                     hotel proprietor
Osborn, B F                                                   druggist
Paquin, J                                                         meat market
Reamer & Co                                                 hardware
Suydam, C H                                                  general store
Sylvester, Huntley & Osborne                    grain
Wells,  W C                                                   express and railroad agent
Wiltse, John                                                    restaurant