IROM 1902

Names of the men in the picture:

From Left: B. F. Osborn, Lester Johnson, Wayne Winchel, Gus Frazel, Andy Jensen, and Jay States.

Article from the Boone County Democrat, April 11, 1902

A NEW TRIBE Of The Improved Order of Red Men

Organized at Rippey-----Begins With a Charter List of 30 Members.

Pawnee Tribe No. 104, Improved Order of Red Men of Rippey was instituted at Angus Friday evening, April 4. Great Sachem, Frank A. Day of Des Moines was present and performed the ceremony of institution, assisted by Great Senior Sagamore, W. F. Menton and Great Guard of the Forest, G. W. Morris of Angus. The degree work was done by the teams of Poweshiek Tribe No. 10 of Perry and Waseca Tribe No. 14, of Angus in a manner which won The applause and admiration of all present.

When the work was concluded, Great Sachem Day installed the newly elected chiefs of Pawnee Tribe, after which he delivered a short, but appropriate address, illustrating the beauties of the order, its teaching and principles, complimenting the teams of Powesheik and Waseca Tribes on the excellent manner in which the work was performed, and impressing upon the minds of the newly adopted members the duty they owe to their tribe and to the order. A few appropriate remarks were made by Bros. Griswald, of Perry, Watson, of Fraser, State Deputy Dennis Morris, of Angus, Menton, of Boone and others. This new tribe is due to the efforts of Bro. Morris, of Angus, who has always been a faithful worker in the interest of Redmanship, and who richly merits the honor conferred upon him by the Great Council.

In the "wee" hours of the morning, the council fire was quenched and a supply of corn and venison, the delight of every Redman’s heart, which the braves of Waseca Tribe had generously prepared for their guests, was brought forth from its hiding place and soon disappeared beneath the belts of the hungry warriors. At a late hour, the visitors departed for their private wigwams, speaking in the highest terms of the hospitality of the Wasecas.

The Rippey Tribe begins its career under the most auspicious circumstances, with the best wishes of their friends and brothers, and their future success is assured. The Great Chiefs feel confident that they will prove a valuable acquisition to the strong and growing fraternity with which they have been united.