Cornerstone laid for new High School

Jefferson Herald August 18, 1920




Very few people In this community knew that the Cornerstone of our new school building was to be laid Monday morning. However this was the case and it was done in the presence  of only a few people. The box for the  cornerstone contents was received Saturday just before dinner and it was the intention of the workman to have  it laid Saturday afternoon, but  it was impossible to gather the data wanted to be enclosed in it in so short a time so they were persuaded to hold off untilMonday morning.

Mr. B. F. Osborn was given the duty of filling this cornerstone box and it was surely well done. If in 75 or 100 years from now our school building should be torn down there would be someinteresting reading contained therein for the people of that generation.

The box contains, among other things, 17 copies of the Rippey Booster containing items of events leading up to the structure; copies of the Jefferson Bee, Jefferson Herald, Perry Chief, Perry Tribune, state papers both daily and political, 30 views of Rippey including the old schoolhouse and the one we are now using; records of the school board from the start of the public school teaching in Rippey; secretaries’ report which was furnished by A. E. Jensen, secretary of the board; a complete personnel of the present board and its officers together with the men who are constructing the new building; treasurer's report and literature and reports that cover every activity in Rippey and community; also a record of the men who took part in the late World War; those who took part in the Civil War; various stamps, postage and revenue, coins, and money and many other articles.  Over these articles was spread a picture of both Cox and Harding, nominees for president and on top of these were placed four of our country’s flags, each containing 48 states.      

Some of these articles may seem odd at your first thought to be put in a cornerstone box, but to those who in time will wreck the building and read from these many articles, it will be valuable history.

Although the contents of this box seem complete, many more valuable sketches and articles could have been added or replaced some of the articles if more time had been had. This would also, have given everyone in the community a chance to help pick the contents of the box and through that co-operation have put in, perhaps, a more representative list of our community. As it was, Mr. Osborn was compelled to do the best he could in reaching as many as possible to help in the task.

 It is regretted that a public ceremony could not have been held as the building is probably the finest structure that Rippey will have for many years and it is only proper that the entire township should have helped observe this act. - Rippey Booster.