September 21, 2015



Ames Middle School Banner
Sharon (Glenn) Kroger, of Harlan,  Catherine Glenn, of Grand Junction, Beverly Derry and Jean Borgeson, of Rippey,  hold a banner made by the Ames Middle School 7thgraders when the plane landed. Sharon’s sister-in-law is their teacher.  The veterans were very appreciative of the effort of these kids.  All the veterans have guardians, and when LaVere’s guardian couldn’t make it, the Glenn’s son-in-law, Randy, went instead.  All the participants agreed this was a huge highlight of their lives.

Derry and Glenn

LaVere Derry and Bob Glenn 


Beverly and LaVere Derry

Jean Borgeson and Dennis Ulrich of Rippey, were part of the welcome home ceremony for the Brushy Creek Honor Flight that was held at the Fort Dodge Regional Airport on Saturday night, September 19, 2015.  It was an impressive crowd of all ages who gathered to welcome the veterans.  The flight was delayed until 11:15 p. m. but the band played and people visited, so the time passed quickly.  There was a table of all sorts of craft items to make welcome signs and the kids in the group took advantage! 

The plane arrived and the announcer asked two families to come to the front of the line of people.  The rest of us were asked to stand in silence as these families left the area with their folded flags that were presented to them.  Their veterans, who were scheduled to be on the flight, had passed away.  That brought a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. 

 As each of the other veterans was announced, the crowd cheered and waved their flags as they walked the people-lined area to the terminal.  Many counties were represented by their veterans, but Osceola County had 15 and they also had the loudest cheering section.  The last man off the plane, was Bob Glenn of Grand Junction, who got just as many cheers as the first. 

 Our Rippey veteran was LaVere Derry and it was fun to see the surprise on Bev’s face, as well as LaVere’s, when they saw us!

Coincidently, LaVere and Bob were inducted at the same time in February,1952 and upon discharge, were on the same train coming home. The story they told is, the train wasn’t going to be stopping in Grand Junction, but the conductor arranged it to slow down so they could both jump off!  Bob’s father was one of the section men working in the area at that time, and since he didn’t know Bob was coming home, he sure was surprised!

 I highly recommend attending one of these welcome home ceremonies, if you ever get the chance.