Pictures of Rippey

Rippey 1908
Rippey 1908

Rippy Main Street
Rippey Main Street looking west from 4th St. July 13, 1916

Rippey, date unknown
Rippey, Date Unknown

1908 postcard

1908 postcard -3 churches

1912 firemen

Rippey Firemen, 1912

John Shoemaker, Arch Morse, Burley Meyers, Halsey Crumley, E. A. Shaw, Walter Roberts, John Haberer, Elijah Wade, Wayne Osborn, Lester Johnson, Ira White, James Chambers, John Dugan, Andrew Jensen, Wm. Radebaugh, Claude Johnson, Wm. Chambers, Jay States, I. J. Burk, Sr., Arthur Frizelle, Lester Crumley, Claude States, Walter Dugan and N. P. Burk.

Consolidated School
Rippey Consolidated School

Rippey Public School

Rippey Public School, 1908
On back of postcard:
This school was located where the senior citizens home is built. It burned down about 1911.

pick & shovel gang

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This was written on by Clark Bardole as being taken in 1918

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This picture was identified by Clark Bardole as being taken about 1900, before the 1912 fire.

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The first High School carrying 11 grades in Rippey was built in the east part of town on the west side of the railroad and about a block south of the depot, in 1884. This is where the Senior Citizens Apartments now stand. It was replaced with the brick structure we all remember, about 1911 or 1912. Information furnished by Ferne Holmes, Winnie States, and Clark Bardole.

Rippey facing west, 1913

Rippey facing West, 1913

1921 school

Rippey Consolidated School 1921

Oakes Hotel

Oakes Hotel, Rippey, Iowa, built in 1885 by J. C. Oakes

Rippey Iowa Hotel; From the Rippey History Book, pg. 26; published in 1970 for the centennial: 

           “Oakes Hotel on corner which flourished from 1876 until 1909 when Charles States bought it making it into a residence in the southwest part of town.  He and Halsey Crumley then built the cement block building, used for their general store.” The Crumley & States building was  completed in 1910.