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THE GLOBE FREE PRESS, Thursday, June 5, 1969
 Burn Rippey School House, Abandoned For Past 48 Years

    Firemen, trucks and equipment from Rippey, Grand Junction, Jamaica, Paton  and West Des Moines, participated in the fire school conducted at the old Rippey School House on Sunday afternoon, June 12.  George Oster, a regional fire instructor for the Fire Service Extension of Ames, was in charge of the exercise. 
    Mr. Oster and his assistants instructed the firemen in the latest methods of fire fighting.  Various fires were started in the building and the firemen were instructed to use the new methods in extinguishing the blaze.
    Since water supplies were not ideal in the town of Rippey, pumper tankers hauled water from surrounding towns.  (Another exercise in conjunction with the burning.)
    Approximately 200 watched the exercise and took pictures of the burning of the old landmark.  It is reported that the brick walls still standing will be bulldozed and cleaned up by the end of this week.
Picture provided by Lila Johnston on March 9. 2007.
She had bought it from the Globe in 1974, for  25 cents, when they were selling old pictures used in the paper.
Thanks, Lila