Rippey Little Theater


From The Rippey News in the Globe Free Press

Thursday, February 14, 1963

Little Theater Group Formed

The Rippey PTA has for several years presented community plays, under the

direction of Walter Babb. In the interest of community spirit in the Rippey Center, former

cast members of the 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962 PTA plays met February 6 to form a little

theater group, to be known as the Rippey Little Theater.

Officers elected for a one year term were Paul Bardole, president; Alice Grow, vice

president; Margaret Dorris, secretary and treasurer.

It was voted that membership be opened to all interested parties. Dues of $1 per

year will be assessed. Plans are to have several one act plays during the year, other than

the three act play which will be given March 22 in the School Gym at the Rippey Center.

Proceeds from this and future plays are to be used to help finance the Dramatic

department of the East Greene School system.

Persons desiring membership may contact any of the officers or Mr. Babb.

Following the meeting refreshments were served by Midge Grow, Darwin Culley

and Marlene Radebaugh.