Rippey Library News

New Books at the Rippey Library


Two new craft books are available to help you be creative during the winter season. It is always enjoyable to create something new as you are looking out the window during one of our Iowa snow storms.

The first book is “Sew What---Fleece” by Carol Jessop and Chaila Sekora. Fleece is easy to work with because it doesn’t ravel or fray, and it is warm while soft against the skin. Ideas include leggings, mittens, baby buntings, and even a coat of fleece for pets.

The second enjoyable craft book is “The Complete Practical Guide to Card-Making”, by Cheryl Owen. This has step by step directions including pictures for making cards, envelops, invitations, and tags. There are 4 pages of directions for making Valentine Day cards, including a fabulous lace Victorian valentine.

Robert Ludlum’s, “The Arctic Event” is a fiction that has Lt. Col. Jon Smith, an army researcher leading a team of scientists to a remote Island off the north coast of Canada seeking a mysterious spy plane containing deadly weaponized anthrax.

“Bleeding Kansas”, by Sara Paretsky is a novel about farm families, Schapen’s and Grelliers’s, whose histories have been entwined since the 1850’s. The Schhpen’s become outraged when a Wiccan moves into a nearby farmhouse.

Nora Robert’s newest book, “Blood Brothers”, it is subtitled “The Seven” and began when Cal, Gage and Fox, three innocent young boys, spent the evening in the woods at the Pagan Stone to celebrate their tenth birthday. Now, every seventh year, in the seventh month, for seven days the town plunges into madness. A madness so powerful that it leaves pain, destruction, and even death.

Teddy Bears on Display

Do you have a favorite teddy bear? One that was special to you as you were growing up?, or one that you might have made from a favorite coat or bed spread? Several favorites are already on display, but library decorator, Maralynn Rinker, is requesting more for the top shelf. There are currently bears on display from Maralynn and Marilyn Gohn, as well as a “red hat” from Velda whose clothes were designed by Jean McElheney.

They will be on display during January and February, so be stop in and take a look, and bring your favorite bears.

Adult Reading Awards

45 Rippey residents will be recognized and honored at an open house and reception on January 26 from 10-12:00 AM at the Rippey Library. The 2007 Rippey readers, have read over 10,000 pages, and the top three readers will receive Jefferson Chamber Bucks. All readers will receive participation prizes. A special recognition will be held at that same time for Librarian, Toni Roberts, who will be celebrating her 65th birthday on January 25th. Be sure to mark this day on your calendar.