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April Selection, “Angela’s Ashes”

Angela’s Ashes” is the April selection for the Rippey Library Book Club. This 363 page book was a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1996 and has also been made into a movie.

The memoir of Frank McCourt, begins as a child born in Brooklyn, New York, and then follows his life story back to Ireland, and reflects the tough times he had growing up during pre World War II. It is an emotionally charged read, about a destitute family scraping by with the aid of the Catholic Church and sometimes the mother’s family, though they are resentful towards their daughter.

In the damp, cold climate of Ireland, the children have only one set of ragged clothing each, patched shoes and no coats or boots. Frank develops typhoid and chronic conjunctivitis, and is hospitalized. Sometimes Frank and his brothers have to scavenge for lumps of coal or peat turf for fuel, or steal bread to survive. The family is finally evicted after Frank yanks out wall beams to burn for winter heat, causing the roof to collapse. The family is forced to move in with a distant relative who treats them poorly. Teenage Frank starts work for the Post Office as a telegram delivery boy, and also works for the local money lender writing threatening letters to the people who owed her money, as a means to save money and is finally able to realize his dream of returning to America.

Thanks to a loan from the East Greene Schools, 15 copies of “Angela’s Ashes” are available for check out at the Rippey Library. This book is hard to read at times, and for that reason it will not be discussed until Tuesday April 29th at 7:00 P.M. at the Rippey Library. Mary Weaver will be the discussion leader. At the conclusion of the hour long discussion the Rippey Library Board will serve light refreshments.