Rippey Library News


August 24, 2012  



Nation Grandchildren Stacie Mears, Emily and  Ben Most, Eli and Lily Muir


Pictured are some of the grandchildren of the late Virgene Nation of the Rippey and Grand Junction area.   The grandchildren were present for the dedication of the bulletin board at the Rippey Library, given by the Nation family in memory of Virgene.   The bulletin board is located in the entry to the library and contains postings of library and community activities.   The Library staff and board appreciates the gift of the bulletin board as well as all other memorials given to the Library.


Following a successful Summer Reading Program at the Rippey Library many youngsters and adults found refuge from the oppressive summer heat by visiting the library to use the computers and play board games during July and August. 

September is the national library card registration month. Assistant Director, Sarah Kilgore has recently completed the bar-coding and laminating of all the patrons’ new library cards which are now available for distribution.  According to a revised circulation policy directed by the Board, new application forms must be filled out before cards can be given out.  This necessitates anyone under the age of 18 to have a parent or guardian present to fill out the new application form.  Those filling out their application during this month of August will be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 gift card. Director Toni Roberts hopes everyone will come in soon to sign up and get their new card.  With the use of the new cards, the library will begin scanning the checkins and checkouts of all materials and have a more accurate record of usage.

With school beginning this week, Monday after school activities at the Rippey Library will be movies from 4-5:30 during the month of September.  On Tuesday September 11, there will be a special movie depicting the 9/11 terrorist attack at 1:00 PM.  Everyone is invited to attend. Remember to bring in you discs to be cleaned.  The disc cleaner will be at the Rippey Library through the month of August.  The Library will be closed for the Labor Day Holiday on September 3.