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On October 31, 2009, the Rippey Library hosted a pre-Halloween trick or treat party. Approximately 25 kids and 17 adults enjoyed the festivities. Library Board of Trustees president, Jean Borgeson kept her "clowning" ways alive and acted as chairman of this event. There were games, organized by members of the fire department, Rich Gordon and Brad Rowe. In charge of the kitchen was the most elegant witch in Rippey, Marilyn Naylor, who is a former library board member. She was assisted by Kelly Muir. After the book, "The Witch Has an Itch", by the clown, the group went outside and used the Peoples Bank grounds for their scarecrow relay races.

There was the attempt to get everyone in the group picture, with the new fire truck, but we had to settle on the ones who weren't camera shy. We were lucky the weather cooperated for this part of the party. After a lively game of "Spooky" Bingo, the group was served hot dogs, chips and juice. The parade of costumes took place and as they left the library, everyone was given a treat bag, to start their evening of trick or treating. Seventeen children chose to parade in front of the judges. After conferring with the prize chairman, Mary Millard, who is the treasurer of the library board, it was determined that there were enough prizes for everyone! All in all, it was another fun Halloween party for our little town.

Events like these are only as successful as the volunteers who say yes, when they are asked to help. Thanks to Marilyn Naylor and Kelly Muir for manning the kitchen. A special thanks to the firemen, Richard Gordon and Brad Rowe, along with Brad's wife, Anita, who took charge of the games. The judges were Richard Liebich, Maralynn Rinker and Myron Rinker. The former library board members who donated money for the prizes, include Virgene Morse, Dee Ann Thompson, Janice Johnston, Colleen Norgren, Phyllis Bardole, Lori Bardole, & Sharon Ulrich. They all are willing to help the library when asked. BUT! Tina Cooklin's donation of enough juice cups for 50, amazed me the most. She did that, "just because she read about the event in the paper." It's the unexpected kindness' in life, that seem to linger in my mind, the older I get.

Thanks to all from your library board president, Jean Borgeson.

I found this article in a scrapbook that was kept in the library. In the Rippey News there was a column called, "The Book Mark". Generally it listed the new books that were added and promoted using the library and the activities they sponsored. For you "oldies" from Rippey, Susie Wilson was still the librarian, with Wilmuth Peters, Helen Crumley, Mabyl Martin, Miriam High and Lavina Fry as the board trustees.

From an editorial in the Rippey News, November 11, 1954: (Winnie States was the editor)


Every year when Halloween rolls around we hear many people say, "Why doesn't someone plan something for the kiddies for a Halloween party"? Well, why don't they? The article went on to give suggestions of how to take care of this. Lavina Fry, wrote this response:


"Someone is always saying that it takes such a lot to satisfy the young people now-a-days. They have everything at their fingertips but still want to go some place, do something different that they want the sun, the moon and the stars served to them on a silver platter. Exception may be taken to that. The young people of 1954 are perfectly satisfied and happy with simple things and get enjoyment from the old-fashioned entertainment. The Rippey Camp Fire girls went to an old-fashioned Halloween party last year, and had such a good time they wanted to give one for the younger group, the Blue Birds, this year.

They did. They made the invitations and delivered them, they planned all the games and the refreshments and acted as hostesses for the evening. The lassies fixed up the horror chamber in the basement in the afternoon, assembled the required props for the games and purchased the food for the lunch. They enjoyed it so they practically had to be "shooed" home. And a couple of them said, "I can hardly wait for tonight." Evening finally came and the Camp Fire girls were there early and ready. The weird sounds form the basement could frighten even the bravest ghost. And did they have fun! They bobbed for apples with the Bluebirds entered into the games as though they were new to them, and even had their fortunes told by a visiting celebrity, even though they had chosen her and made the arrangements for her visit. They presided at the refreshment table and had as much or more fun than the Bluebirds. And then the cleanup. All done in jig time. No, don't say it takes everything to make the young people of today happy and contented. All it takes is a little love, a lot of responsibility, and the opportunity to do something for someone else. Very simple." (Still true in 2009)