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History of Rippey Public Library

From an article by Mrs. Jay (Winnie) States, printed in the Globe Free Press, in March, 1965

"When we think over the past and the efforts made by the first board, we marvel at the change that has constantly been made.

Previous to this time, 1928-1930, an effort had been made for a PTA library, which consisted of over 1825 good books, contributed by people of this locality. No room was available at the school building and the Pelly Mercantile Company, who occupied the Masonic building, cleared a portion of the rear of their store with a shelving unit for the collection. No record is available of this library but Mrs. Cale Ransom, now of Nashua, was instrumental in its origin.

After a time, interest began to lag and a committee of enterprising lady citizens started a reorganization movement. They called for books from people, who wished to help out and to their surprise, collected box after box on their trailer pickup and many were brought in later. This required a good sorting over of duplicates, etc. as room was limited and remainder were sent to other library centers.

The first board included Helen Crumley, Miriam High, Lavina Fry, Nellie Senter, Wilmuth Peters. Later Mrs. Senter resigned and was replaced by Mrs. Millie Castles. A few replacements have been made at various times to fill vacancies including Mrs. Mabyl Martin, who served for a number of years.

The Rippey Savings Bank should receive a worth mention in this project, having leased their building to the library board for $50 per year and even remodeled it for their use. Later they installed lights and were generous and considerate of the needs of the board. Later the back room was refinished for the overflow and fluorescent lights were installed."

From a postcard to Lavina Fry, dated June 13, 1944:

Dear Madam:

At a meeting of the Town Council on June 12th, Ordinance #48 was passed and adopted, establishing a free public library for the Town of Rippey. Also at said meeting you were appointed as one of five trustees to serve on the Library Board.

Yours Respectfully,

Jay States

Town Clerk

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