One of the new large print books recently purchased by the Rippey Library is The Painted Drum by Louise Erdrich. She is a mid-west author, now living in Minneapolis and many of us read her work, The Masters Butcher’s Singing Club, as a part of the all Iowa reads program.

The Painted Drum is one of those books you should not start in the evening, as you will want to stay up all night until are finished with the book. The central figure is Faye Travers, an estate appraiser. While doing an appraisal for a small town New Hampshire family she discovers a large rare Native American ceremonial drum made of moose skin stretched across a hollow of cedar.

Through detective work she is able to trace the drum’s passage both backward and forward in time and uncovers an interesting history about the Ojibwe Indian Nation. A subplot of the book is a relationship issue she has with her Mother and a grieving neighbor, but the real enjoyment for me was the writing about the drum.

This is an easy and enjoyable read, available for you to check out any Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon at the Rippey Library.

Submitted by Mary Weaver

Also available at the library is the book "Gilead" , which is the All Iowa Reads book for 2006. Several copies are available and a discussion will be held in May. Reader are also encouraged to read the mystery books by Diane Mott Davidson. The author will be speaking in Des Moines on May 2nd and a trip is planned to meet the author.