Rippey Library News

The Summer Reading, Paws, Claws, Scales and Tails, will conclude next Wednesday, July 26 at 11:30 am. The sessions began on June 14 with Dogs being the featured animal and Jean Borgeson the reader. Dog Biscuit Magnets and a "doggie" Fathers' Day card were the crafts with "puppy chow" for a snack. Lindsay Roberts was an extra helper, who brought her dog, Maggie.
The second session covered "Scales" with Janice Johnston as reader. A bracelet was made during craft time and goldfish crackers and gummy worms were the snack. Extra helper were Jean Borgeson and several mothers.
On June 28, Pastor Deb Parkison was the reader and the featured animals were horses. Mary Millard assisted with the help of several mothers in the craft project as hobby horses were made. Then there were hobby horse races in the empty lot across from the library.
The reader on July 5 was Lori Bardole and the stories featured ducks and chickens. A paper chicken was made for a craft and Harrison Johnston and Kyle and Sean Kenan brought a duck and chicken to show. "Chicken Feed" was the snack of the day. Extra help included: Cassie Bardole, Lindsay Roberts and Ashley Bebb.
Mary Weaver was the reader for the Exotic Wild Animal day. Paper alligators were made and children made their own exotic animal from clay. Helpers were Jean Borgeson and several of the mothers.
Cats were featured on July 19 with Beth and Karli DeMoss as readers. One book was "read" with the aid of a puppet show. Crafts were a paper cat and a paper sack puppet with "Cat Chow" as a snack. Extra helpers were Jean Borgeson and Velda DeMoss.
Janice Johnston has coordinated the sessions and Librarian, Toni Roberts, is very appreciative of Janice's help as well as those who "volunteered" to read and help. And of course, the program was very successful because of the response from the children and parents with twelve being the average attendance.

Velda DeMoss accompanied Kathy VanGundy of Jamaica to Ogden Monday evening where they attended the final performance of the Ogden Community Theatre's production of Disney's Beauty and The Beast. They joined Shelly Hamman and the Shawn DeMoss family, as family friend, Emily Maach, portrayed the lead role of Belle in the musical.