Rippey Library News

Code 61, Big Thaw, Eleven Days, are among the titles of books written by Donald Harstad, an Iowa author from Elkader. He was recently in Perry, Iowa and Velda DeMoss, Jean Borgeson, and I attended the lecture he gave.

We found him to be quite entertaining, explaining that he writes each day while developing a new book. Most of the stories are similar to situations he observed as a Deputy Sheriff in Clayton County, though he denies that anyone will be able to recognize a specific Clayton County person.

He begins each book with a death, and then “works backward” to reveal the facts, just as a law enforcement person must do while investigating and solving a mystery.

These are entertaining “who done it” reads, and can be completed in an afternoon and evening. We were fortunate that the above three books were autographed by him and are now available for you at the Rippey Library.

Remember the hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons from 1-6:00 P.M.

Submitted by Mary Weaver