The Rippey Amitie Club #2450 was organized in September 1968 by recommendation of Mrs. Dale (Connie) Neese and co-sponsored by Searchlight Club, the General Federation Club of Rippey. 

On March 11, 1968 the first regular Amitie meeting was held at Melba Derry’s. Charter members list: Fereleen Acton, Delores Anderson, Pam Babb, Phyllis Bardole, Linda Contner, Velda DeMoss, Melba Derry, Pat Devilbiss, Janet Fessler, Linda Groves, Sally Kooker, Mary Jo Kopaska, Connie Neese, Susan Ridnour, Maralynn Rinker, Toni Roberts, Jackie Souder, and Marjorie Vannatta.  At the April 22, 1968 meeting, Carolyn Monthei and Doris Tipton were added to the charter member list.

The membership list changed over the years, as people moved in and out of Rippey, or a member found it too time consuming to belong.

Some of the Amitie Club projects were UNISEF, Bloodmobile, Crafts Exhibit, Church Bazaar, Garage Sale, Sponsor Mrs. Surface (Viet Nam Orphans, House Tour, Summer Skating, Entertain County Officers, Senior Citizen Meal Favors, East Greene Annual for Library, Easter Plates, East Greene Scholarship, Cystic Fibrosis Bike-A-Thon, Summer Reading Program, Community Improvement Project, Sixty-Plus Party (every 2 yrs.) and Rippey Fun Day.  Some of the projects that they supported were:  Toys for Tots, Blank Memorial Hospital, Woodward State Hospital, Child to Diabetes Camp, Ronald McDonald House, and the Trophy Case for the Sheltered Workshop.

 After many years of service to the community the club decided to disband rather than become a club with little purpose and man power to do the projects we have always done. The final Amitie Club meeting was held September 23, 1991.  

 The members of this club emphasize the importance of volunteers.  They were busy wives, mothers, and active in church, school, and other organizations in the community, as well. 

In 1968, they saw a need, organized, and got to work.  For 23 years they worked together, raised kids together, and made wonderful, long-lasting friends for their efforts. The community was better for it. However, probably, if asked, they would say they got more out of it than they gave. 

 Look around today.  You will find some of those charter members still working, only wearing a different hat!