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Velda DeMoss

Digital TV
As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working for you?"   The world of technology has me trapped, living in the country and switching from analog to digital. 
    I think I am quite a liberal person, however this TV thing has had my undies in a bunch ever since the announcement was made that analog TV was extinct.
    I didn't want to get a dish (added expense) and went with the converter box.  If it rained, the wind blew, or maybe the moon was in the wrong phase-some of the channels would not come in.   After several months of struggle with the converter box, I purchased a digital TV, thinking that would solve the problem.   WRONG!  Jean and I put the new set in place and quickly found that only two channels could be programmed.  All others indicated "low signal".  I have an attic antenna and have no way to adjust it.
    It appears I have two options-go back to the converter box or breakdown and get a dish.   They will be here tomorrow to install the dish.  I have not only lost the battle---I have lost the war!
    I had a visit several months ago with the FCC about analog and digital TV and my lack of reception. They informed me that "trees and leaves are bad" for reception issues.   Am I to think that with all of the satellites in the sky, a TV signal is difficult to receive?   No wonder they can't find Osama Bin Laden--he is hiding in the forest!  


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