Innovation is often defined as “the process of discovering or developing something new especially in technological fields such as scientific, artistic, financial, and social arenas”. Innovations are being welcomed by businesses, as it is an effective method to survive and compete in the present market situation. A business which adopts the concept of innovation can remain competitive for a long time period. There are various kinds of innovations and some of them are listed below:

Product engineering The development of efficient and economical products is called Product engineering. This process makes use of innovative methods and new technologies. Innovation solutions are required to manufacture essential industrial products, services and other components. The innovative products must be manufactured to meet the requirements and preferences of consumers. Innovation solutions carry out business restructuring of operations.

Business restructuring is necessary when a firm needs to make some changes in order to improve profitability. The new ways should be based on improved quality, service, price and other factors that affect the business structure. Innovation provides new products, new ways of providing services and new markets. The process involves a combination of sciences to create new ways of doing business.

Business transformation means transforming a specific business model to suit with the changing market trend. Innovation solutions include the introduction of a new technology, new services and other components. It includes product engineering, technological change and the transformation of business processes. Innovation solutions are necessary to provide new services and new products in competitive industries. These services and products help in enhancing productivity, increasing competitiveness and reducing the cost of doing business.

Firms can adopt several measures to promote innovation. The measures can be new technologies or innovative processes to implement innovations. Promotion of research and development is essential to improve the quality of innovations. Proper supervision of the research and development department is essential to maintain high standards of innovations.

Strategic consulting services include the analysis of organizational structures, processes and systems for identifying the key aspects and drivers for innovation. The innovative ideas should be transferred from the research & development wing into the operational wings to enable quick implementation. Strategic consulting services can help firms to design an appropriate strategy for the creation and enhancement of the innovations. These strategic plans can help in achieving the desired objectives of innovation.

Innovation can increase the prosperity and market share of a firm by improving the business structure. Innovation allows firms to develop new ideas and use them to compete with others. The success of an organization depends on its ability to produce new ideas and adopt them into the business structure. Firms need to identify their target markets, identify the problems that they face and seek new ideas and methods for overcoming these problems. Innovation can also revitalize a business structure by introducing revolutionary new products and services.

Innovation can help companies achieve goals by designing and implementing strategies. These strategies can be implemented by using the open innovation structure to help companies implement innovative ideas. The open innovation structure supports collaborative research and development activities to build a community of innovators. This helps companies accelerate innovation processes.

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