“Tech” refers to a number of things. Some people define it as the new media, others as the technological advancements of today’s society, and still others as the interaction and interchange of things designed by man with things made by machines. In other words, tech is much more than simply computers and electronics. Tech has come so far that there is almost nothing that is not involved in this ever-expanding and dynamic field. To learn more about the world of tech, log on to the World Wide Web and do a little homework.

As you read about what is being defined as technology, make notes about recent publications defining terms. It may be helpful to also find out what the definitions of terms are in your own field of expertise. Often, there are conflicting definitions that are being bandied about, making it important to be on the lookout for definitions that vary depending on who you ask about definitions of tech. Terms like information technology, computer science, engineering, and computer software are just some of the many that are used to describe the field. Often, these are words that are used interchangeably, so knowing which one is which is a first step toward comprehending the world of tech. In many cases, experts will be able to agree on a single definition of what tech means.

If you are interested in broadening your horizon and learning more about definitions of tech, log on to the Web and do some digging. Gather some definitions from recent publications and see if any of them seem familiar. Have a chat with an expert who knows a lot about positioning statements, for instance, and see what they have to say about what is being defined as tech. If you want a good example, check out the definitions included in recently published definitions of information technology that were released by the American Academy of Computing Engineers (AACE).

According to these recent definitions, tech is anything that makes doing business more complex, faster, cheaper, or easier-and sometimes it is used to describe disruptive technologies that impact how people do business. That’s important to note because, as we have noted before, the fourth industrial revolution is already upon us and businesses need to be thinking about what disruptive technologies could impact their industry in five years time or less. It’s also worth noting that the definition of tech also took into account the idea that new technologies are often created to address previous issues that are inhibiting progress in a given area. As such new technologies are often considered disruptive when they are meant to fix, expand upon, or improve something that has previously been done well.

For instance, a printer that is originally designed to only print faxes is likely to be considered a tech company product. On the other hand, a scanner that can handle both fax and print jobs is likely to be considered a tech company product, particularly if it is used primarily for work. As technology companies continue to evaluate their products to see if they fall under the realm of “disruptive technologies,” it will become increasingly important for businesses to define what they are and whether any of their existing technologies are considered a disruptive product.

There’s one other thing to keep in mind with regard to the definition of “Tech” and that is that there are actually two separate categories. The first is what I have called the hospitality industry and the second is what I call the tech company. The former is generally considered to be anything that is utilized within or associated with the hospitality industry such as restaurants, hotels, motels, bars, or other businesses; while the latter is anything that provides services that are provided by a tech company and therefore is found on a website, app, or other online service. Therefore, both tech and hospitality are actually separate categories. Now that you understand the difference between the term “tech” and the word “farming”, you should be able to determine which category a particular tech item falls into.

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