Nanaimo, BC: One of the ways to make a home more sustainable and save money on utility bills is getting an EnerGuide home evaluation. Shoreline Building Performance, a registered energy advisor with Natural Resources Canada, offers evaluation services to assist clients in understanding their home’s energy use and how they can lower utility bills. 

The company follows a streamlined process and uses state-of-the-art tools to determine the home’s energy efficiency. The first step in a Nanaimo EnerGuide home evaluation is talking with the client about everything, from home goals and priorities to complaints and health issues. The team then checks for air leaks in the house’s building walls, windows, insulations, foundations, roof, and other places.

Considering an HVAC system is the biggest single load in a home, the highly experienced team offers detailed inspections to look for ways to lower energy bills and ensure the house is comfortable. They also check whether equipment operates optimally, specifically if the HVAC system provides even cooling and heating. 

The experts also perform a blower door test to determine the location of air leakage (if any). Using a top-of-the-line blower, they detect drafts and other ventilation issues that may be contributing to increased energy bills. Other things the team may check while performing the blower door test are depressurization and combustion spillage tests to detect harmful gases from outside. 

After the home evaluation, the company gives the client EnerGuide ratings (and labels results) based on different metrics. They use windows and door performance, airtightness, insulation levels, and mechanical system efficiencies to calculate the home’s energy efficiency. If the homeowner gets high energy ratings, it means high usage, while low energy ratings signify excellent performance. 

Besides ratings, the energy advisor assists the client in developing practical and individualized solutions based on their usage and other factors. The company also offers efficiency upgrades, which besides cutting energy wastage, make the property comfortable and healthier. In other cases, the experts help the homeowner decide which retrofits to prioritize based on their budget. 

In addition to assisting homeowners and businesses in improving their energy efficiency through evaluations, the company helps clients in staying up to date on the building codes. By ensuring the home’s wiring, insulations, and heating are up to date, the team protects them from financial and legal obligations. Property owners can also work with the energy advisors to ensure the home fully complies with the applicable codes before selling their homes. 

Clients interested in EnerGuide home evaluation, blower door testing, Step-Code modeling, compliance reports, or other consultancy services can contact the company at (778) 907-9119. Visit Shoreline Building Performance’s website for more information. 

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