New York, United States – BOC Sciences supplies in-stock modified pseudoUridine materials, such as 2-thiopseudoUridine and 1-MethylpseudoUridine, to support mRNA therapeutics and many other associated studies. As a recognized chemical manufacturer, BOC Sciences is dedicated to providing a full range of pseudoUridine products and related services for worldwide customers with years of RNA modification experience and high-end technologies. 

Post-transcriptional modifications were known to be crucial in regulating the structure, stability, and function of RNA molecules. For example, research findings indicate that nucleoside modification is an effective approach to enhancing the stability and translational capacity of mRNA with reduced immunogenicity in vivo. In addition, these improved properties conferred by pseudoUridine make such mRNA a promising tool for both gene replacement and vaccination. Modified pseudoUridine, including 2-thiothymidine and 4-thiopseudoisocytidine, can solidify the thermal stability of triplex-DNA. Nevertheless, many ongoing studies utilizing modified nucleosides have yielded promising research outcomes.

BOC Sciences, the largest supplier of pseudoUridine globally, can provide top-qualified pseudoUridine modification services and featured pseudoUridine products based on its well-established technical platform. It reserved a variety of modified pseudoUridine ready to use for effective epigenetic therapy development based on RNA modifications, including 2-thiopseudoUridine, N1-cyanomethyl pseudoUridine, and 3-(3-amino-3-carboxypropyl) pseudoUridine. If customers can’t find the products they are looking for, the seasoned experts of BOC Sciences can synthesize specific pseudoUridine according to the project needs.

The marketing manager of BOC Sciences said, “Our team of scientists can use flexible technologies to synthesize and modify pseudoUridine for clients from both research and industry with more than 20 years of academic know-how and experience. And our products and services are supported and ensured by our commitment to premium quality. We’re a reliable partner to take care of your inquiry individually for technical and scientific questions through direct communication with our experts.”  

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences has become the largest supplier of pseudoUridine in the world in terms of production capacity. Its annual output of pseudoUridine is currently over 500 kg. With years of experience in pseudoUridine and its derivatives, the capability of BOC Sciences in synthesis, modification, scale-up, and innovative purification strategies has been generally acknowledged. In the future, BOC Sciences will continue its introduction of pseudoUridine and derivatives involved in mRNA vaccine and drug research in the hope of promoting these exciting research activities.

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