MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota:  General Label Inc. is a local, high-tech printing company that specializes in designing and manufacturing responsive membrane switches for a wide range of industries.  Among its cutting-edge techniques is roll-to-roll screen printing for printed electronics.  Roll-to-roll printing allows electrodes and biosensors to be printed with functional conductive ink on a larger scale, as many of these electronics need to have additional assemblies and finishing done by roll to roll machines.

In 1982, General Label Inc. began as a small Minneapolis-based print shop.  Since then, it has grown into a 50-person printing facility that brings responsive interface designs to life using state-of-the-art printing technology.  General Label specializes in membrane switches (which are like the interactive panel on your microwave oven), graphic overlays (which function as the top layer of an electronic product), and material conversion (which combines and modifies a variety of raw materials to make products), labels, decals, and more.  Roll-to-roll screen printing is just one of the techniques the company uses to achieve unique, high-quality printed results.  

But cutting-edge technology is just one aspect of the company’s success, says Mike Baskfield, president of General Label Inc.  “Our team members are hard-working, creative problem-solvers, and we are bonded by our core values of trust, collaboration, accountability, continuous improvement and innovation.”  Baskfield takes great pride in his company’s reputation for precision, ingenuity, and integrity and reiterates that, “There are no shortcuts in the work we do.”

Specialized print solutions like General Label provides are used across industries as far ranging as medicine, military, oil and gas, transportation, aerospace, and more.  Roll-to-roll printed electronics for electrodes and biosensors are specifically used in medical/diagnostic fields and other research-based environments.  In addition to roll-to-roll printing, General Labels also offers many other types of print options, including functional conductive ink, fine line printing, semi-automated sheet feeds, and options for die cutting and gel dispensing.

For more information about General Label Inc. and the services it provides, visit https://www.general-label.com.    



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