Twenty-year Study Confirms the Accuracy of Laboratory Prediction of Response to Cancer Chemotherapy

Orlando, Florida – Twenty-year study confirms the accuracy of laboratory prediction of response to cancer chemotherapy. An analysis of over 10,000 patients is being presented at the American Association for Cancer Research.

“With thousands of patients studied we have proven that patients who use the EVA/PCD™ laboratory method have significantly better response, time to progression and improved survival based on laboratory –selection of treatments” said Dr. Robert Nagourney senior investigator, director of The Nagourney Cancer Institute. The study presents findings that confirm the importance of using each patient’s cancer cells to select the most effective, least toxic treatment for each individual. 

Known as the Ex Vivo Analysis of Programmed Cell Death (EVA/PCD™) the technique uses each patient’s own tumor cell explants removed at surgery and exposes their cancer to drugs and combinations to measure drug-induced cell death.

“We have shown that patients whose tumors die in the test tube after drug exposure are 2-times more likely to respond (P<0.001) and 44% more likely to be alive one year later (p=0.02) when they receive the drugs that we choose,” Nagourney explained.

Results to be presented at April 18th, Tuesday session report response and survival data from The Nagourney Cancer Institute’s database compiled from a number of peer-reviewed publications including breast, ovary, lung and other cancers and provides proof that cancer patient studies using the EVA/PCD technology hold the key to better outcomes for patients with all cancers even rare and hard-to-treat tumors like pancreatic.

Among their EVA/PCD™ practice-changing discoveries to be reported is the original discovery of Chlorodeoxyadenosine for the curative treatment of Hairy Cell Leukemia, the first use of Cisplatin plus Gemcitabine in recurrent breast and ovarian cancers and the recent groundbreaking discovery that chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer reflects fundamental changes in cancer cell energy metabolism.

“With cancer incidence rising, the cost of cancer drugs skyrocketing yet 5-year survivals for most cancers stagnant over decades, the EVA/PCD technique has the potential to improve patient outcomes, curtail medical care costs and accelerate new drug development,” Nagourney added.

About Rational Therapeutics and The Nagourney Cancer Institute: Based in Long Beach California, this CLIA-licensed facility under Dr Robert Nagourney has pioneered the use of human tissue for the prediction of response to cancer therapy. With over 20 years of experience, Dr Nagourney’s team has one of the largest human tumor databases ever compiled. As reported in dozens of peer-reviewed papers in the literature, The Nagourney Cancer Institute has been leading personalized cancer medicine for over 20 years.

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